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Feathers and Tweed

by Dinah

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Feathers and tweed down the alley they walk She clings to him tightly He loosens his talk A lightening flash smile, an illusive grin He snags a red poppy, It's Spring again Moreover they know that this street walk will end Under a bridge in a house made of straw Where they nestle together, giving truth to us all That life, in its way, when you think you are tall Will do you in Now the big bad wolf is a coming around He sucks his saliva as he buys up the town He cuts off their hair and he hijacks their crown Never bending So blessed the spirit within the poor Brings you up when you're down, counting pennies no more The battles you win have a whole different score And this cold chill... Is never ending
My Momma 02:39
My momma all mossy green Got little white shells scattered all o'er the place In a baby's voice she babbles along While water passes through her veins and moves her spirit on She speaks to me in creaks and moans When the wind blows and stretches all her bones She sings to me, I sing to her We marry in the canopy of her woodland folklore She sheds her tears in a slow waltz When rain drops on dried up leaves and whispers winter words She's homeless because of greed She loses time and slurs her words in a soul piercing rhyme Her quietude is a restless move When the wind stops and the snow falls and she makes no sound at all
Starlight Star Bright, Rock a billy rhyme Staring down the scape goat Looking for the crime Livin' in the land of lost and lonely dreams Screeching at a horned owl living beyond his means Chorus On Fallow fields watchin' time stand still Making dull promises with more bellies to fill Chorus Weighing out the good times; Stepping over bad Thinking of the sorry while tripping over glad Chorus Living out the hours of ever pressing pride Waiting for the moments when lonely hearts collide Chorus
He wore his Sunday hat, Imagine that imagine that He spit shined both his shoes, cocked his head said what's to lose Imagine that, imagine that, His Sunday hat, imagine that, imagine that, imagine that, imagine that, imagine that With a tissue from the case, she pursed her lips and squinched her face Makeup right and things in place she walked along in silver grace Imagine that, imagine that, imagine that, imagine that Imagine that, imagine that, silver grace imagine that He tinkered with his tie a little bit of star dust in his eye Grabbed his tweed and slung it forth, stepped outside and closed the door Imagine that imagine that, stardust tweed and a Sunday hat, imagine that imagine that, imagine that, imagine that They met at the courthouse door Judge said what are you waiting for? He said the oath, they said I do, now many years and not a trace of angry words just one embrace, imagine that, imagine that, imagine that,imagine that, silver grace imagine that, imagine that, imagine that,stardust tweed and a Sunday hat, Imagine that, imagine that, one embrace imagine that. Imagine that, imagine that
Ruby's Song 01:35
We were sittin in the kitchen, candle shinin through the brew You leaned over and you told me: Honey I still love you Well the fight we had this mornin' we said some things that were not true Now it's a different situation, Honey I still love you too Chorus: Why do we get so agitated, why can't we always wear a smile Life isn't long enough for sadness, come here and hold me for awhile I blame your drinkin' and your smokin' and my obsessive need to clean Sometimes we seem so very different, the other's fault we both agree So put your beer cap in the garbage, I'll set the timer on the shower We're heading over to the Crow's Nest to be a beardo for awhile Chorus 2 times
Word Wizard 01:36
Word Wizard Banter Blizzard two boys singing the blues Thought Thinker Senile Stinker It's the only life he'll choose Street Scaper Lawn Maker Two gals pitchin a tent Fight faker tree taker Doomed Down trodden Hell bent Curious cat already said that Weepin on a Sunday morn Want watcher Life Botcher Living a life of scorn Death Darer, mom scarer Playing chicken in the old pick up Crepe maker Wreath Taker Cryin bout time used up Big trouble, three lovers, two dogs pickin a fight Death bell nellin Tears swellin, sleepless on a mournful night Deep Level Dark Crevice Old Crow Smokin a pipe Well digger go figure, who the hell's Ben Knight
Chitty Chat chatty chat, he's not all that A little bird told me so, a little bird told me so We've got peaches we've got pears So what! He kissed me on the stairs A lesson learned to lessen cares Chatty chat Chitty Chat ... The Yin and Yang it rocks my soul It presses pain It brings us in and out again Chitty Chat, Chitty Chat... I held it in, I spit it out I tried on blue it made me pout I layered green and went to town Chitty Chat, Chitty Chat ... A Buddha chant to let him go I ran my mantra in the snow I wheeled it back upon the road Chitty chat, Chitty Chat.. The morning yellow soft she glows Counts my fingers and my toes Three soft kisses and off she goes Chitty Chat, Chitty ....
I Cry Alone 03:16
I cry alone. I cry alone. When good friends die When someone takes the last piece of momma's apple pie When all the lemonade turns sour and the moon glows shuttle grey When the ambulance blares threatening tones while night turns into day When a call from a stranger says your daddy's passed away I cry alone, I cry alone... When lovers' quarrels break apart in little pieces through the cracks When daughters slam the front door closed and it barks I'm not coming back When the telephone that seldom rings is not my lover's call When the job I thought I'd bagged falls through and I'm up against a wall I cry alone... I cry alone When death brings life in subtle ways when mockingbirds start singing then peepers peep and willows weep and water falls start dreaming When little blue boats on the water echo life of truth and promise And the memory so old of love tendrils up through stony crevice I cry alone... I cry alone
Little Pink Pocket Posies, filled up my apron too I ran to tell you momma of my love for you You were crying in a dark room, your emotion had been bruised My pink pocket posies were of little use to you I put them in a water vase and set them on the mantle I watched those pretty flowers fade as your heart became dismantled I cursed my frightening father and his helpless blue tirade I wished that I had posies for a gentleman his age I went down deep within myself and brought out loving hearts All made with painted paper a first grade work of art I put them in his pocket while he stared at the TV I breathed the taste of cigarettes and lingered in his strength Then carried through the years the taste of anger and Pall Mall The fragrance of a flower, A never ending well
I don't want to go home I don't want to go home Don't want to go home Won't knock upon that farmhouse door Reflections on the hardwood floor Don't want to think about their death Hold I miss you, on my breath I don't want to go home, I don't want to go home, Don't want to go home Quiet graveyard, don't touch my heart Mourning Dove coos her part Of a love song sorely missed I don't want to go home, I don't want to go home, don't want to go home Peaceful pasture cease your lure Come a man to take your ore Skin your nerves and drain your blood I don't want to go home, I don't want to go home, don't want to go home
I watched you from a distance and your pseudo lover's stare I saw your look of hopefulness you pressed your palm against your hair I saw the smile you flashed at me when we were lovers young I rose above the misery and bit hard on my tongue I drew myself away from you pledged never to return Affection thrown so easily on someone else's turf Just like the old time wildwood flower did finally dance and sing Each chance I gave, each chance you took, is water through a sieve So bear me on now to one more if that in my future lay I'll harken to another's call and scribble on another slate Forgiveness is a noble path and to its way I'm loyal Forgetting is another task; I'm beholden to its toil So harken! soft melodic sounds they flirt and dance away I'll sing the song I sang upon my mother's last birthday I have her smile I'll loop her song forever in my ear Her day now passed onto death, her song now a whisper So harken, Soft melodic sounds to dancing memories I hear my momma's lullaby crooning me to sleep I hear my momma's lullaby crooning me to sleep Bye oh Baby buntin' Papa's gone a hunting, Bye oh Baby buntin....


released October 13, 2017


all rights reserved



Dinah Cincinnati, Ohio

When the world overwhelms me music is my best friend. I give voice to my frustration and hopelessness for environmental and social issues which I think are inextricably linked. An occasional happy song springs forth as well. Track 4 was written when my daughters announced their engagements. I hope you can be soothed if you happen to arrive here. Thank you for listening. ... more

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